Seismic Services



Clean Harbors Seismic Services offer safety, expertise and the manpower to support even your most difficult seismic project.

We provide project management expertise to layout, cut, and survey source and receiver lines and perform seismic drilling. Our techniques maximize efficiencies and minimize environmental impact. From planning to equipment utilization, our experienced professionals deliver quality service—on time and on budget.

As the first Seismic Services company to apply quality control systems, our operating methods and progressive reporting ensures the highest standards to keep your project on track.


Line Locating Services

Line Locating Services


Our crews provide efficient and cost-effective response.

Clean Harbors Line Locating Services provide the pre-planning, project management, locating, GPS surveying and GIS mapping of your underground utility and buried facility lines in advance of your ground disturbance activities.

Each site, locate, and reporting process varies greatly from job to job, yet your basic needs and expectations remain much the same. You need trained professionals that will meet your needs and expectations head-on, time after time, no matter how hard the job is, or where your location is. We employ highly trained and experienced professionals, whose integrity and confidence in their work help us focus on quality, efficiency, damage prevention, safety, environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction.

Clean Harbors has line locators based throughout Alberta to provide efficient and cost-effective response with availability to service Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Our locators are also supported by pipeline database providers whose database searches are produced digitally and transmitted with ease.

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Services Offered

  • Oilfield Lease and Pipeline Construction
  • Private Line Locating
  • One-Call Management
  • Wellsite and Pipeline Abandonment
  • Leak Detection/ROW Inspection
  • Environmental/Reclamation Projects
  • Seismic Locating
  • GIS Mapping
  • Crossing Inspection/Supervision
  • Sign Installations
  • Pipeline Integrity Programs

One-Call Management

Clean Harbors can fulfill your One-Call Management needs from start to finish, saving time and money for your administrative and field operations teams.

  • Receive
  • Screen
  • Dispatch
  • Field Visit
  • Report
  • Record
  • Archive

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Line Clearing and Right of Way Clearing

Line Clearing and Right of Way Clearing


Clean Harbors performs seismic line, pipeline right of way and power line clearing methods that are safe and environmentally friendly — while effectively meeting your project needs.

Clean Harbors Line Clearing and Right of Way Clearing services provide accurate and reliable technologies for each seismic project.

Line and Right of Way Clearing services are important tasks during seismic projects. These services are typically done manually running the risk of costly mistakes and inaccuracies. Clean Harbors Line Clearing services use mulching and hand cut line clearing techniques to safely perform line clearing techniques.

Using GPS guided equipment maximizes our efficiencies and allows us to pinpoint your desired corridor within 25 meters with no continuous line of site produced. As a result, we adhere to all low-impact seismic cutting requirements.

  • Meandering line to block continuous line of sight
  • Low impact avoidance cutting
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Eliminating cut line erosion
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Mulching and Hand Cutting

Mulching and Hand Cutting


Our mulchers are track-mounted for low ground pressure allowing us to "tread lightly" — reducing rutting and ground disturbance.

Clean Harbors Mulching and Hand Cutting services utilizes the latest technology to safely and expertly remove underbrush in projects ranging from forestry to full land clearing. This makes way for new pipelines, power lines, source and receiver lines. We pride ourselves in fully understanding the process and adjusting our methods to different climates. Clean Harbors workers have the manpower and expertise to provide high levels of efficiency.

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Clean Harbors Mulching and Hand Cutting Services

  • Site Preparation and Land Clearing – Large-scale land clearing in short timeframes
  • Seismic Exploration​ – Mulchers with GPS provide low-impact and no continuous line of site with minimal disturbance to the duff layer
  • Forestry Management and Fire Break Line Clearing – Diverse mulching methods for various areas
  • Pipeline and Utility Right of Way Clearing and Maintenance – Cost-effective mulching for subsurface and above-ground utilities
  • Railroad Vegetation Management – Vertical methods to fit railroad requirements
  • Fence Line and Walking Trail Clearing and Maintenance – Minimal visual impact and ground disturbance

Clean Harbors Mulching and Hand Cutting Benefits 

  • Minimize soil erosion
  • Minimize storm water runoff
  • Avoid expensive reclamation costs
  • Provide eco-friendly methods
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Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling

Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling


Clean Harbors provides expert environmental, geotechnical and civil construction drilling services

Clean Harbors provides expert environmental, geotechnical and civil construction drilling services that allow environmental consultants and contractors to accurately assess areas for soil and groundwater contamination and plan any necessary remediation.

It can be challenging finding competent environmental and geotechnical drilling contractors who have the resources available and are capable of carrying out the job. Clean Harbors can solve your problem. Our diverse range of equipment and knowledgeable and experienced personnel who follow strict safety protocols are available to you across Western Canada and the Territories.

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Solid Stem Auger Drilling

With augers five feet in length and six inches in diameter, our technique is a fast and effective way to retrieve soil samples and install monitoring wells in areas where no sloughing is present. Our solid stem augers are ideal for geotechnical drilling in consolidated soils.

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

Our 4-1/4“ ID tri-lock hollow stem augers allow us to install monitoring wells in soils that are sloughing and where solid stem augers aren’t feasible. Using three-foot long by three-inch diameter split spoon A-casings to retrieve soil samples while drilling, these hollow stem augers ensure clients obtain a large enough sample to fulfill their site requirements. Our hollow stem augers are ideal for unconsolidated soils, wet conditions and monitoring well installations.

Monitoring Well Installations, Decommissioning/Abandonment and Repair

We supply all types of consumables for monitoring well installations and decommissioning. We offer varied sizes of PVC pipe and an assortment of end and top caps. Whether flush-mount or stick-up wells, we have everything you need.

With extensive well repair experience, we can easily remove and replace damaged flush-mount road boxes efficiently and cost effectively.

Soil Sampling (Split Spoon and Shelby Tubes)

Our two-foot long by 1-1/8” diameter SPT split spoon samplers are ideal for geotechnical drilling, and our three-foot long by three-inch diameter split spoon sampler is frequently used in environmental drilling. We also offer Shelby tube samplers, which are two-feet long by three inches in diameter and made from stainless steel.

Automatic SPT Hammer

All of our drills are equipped with an automatic SPT hammer allowing for consistent blow counts for geotechnical purposes.


We offer several different types of grouting units, some mounted on track units for hard to access locations and units mounted on trailers. All units are equipped with mixing hoppers and hose reels which makes them a far superior option than the typical tremie pipe and Moyno™ pump grouting units.

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Seismic Drilling

Seismic Drilling


With crews for heli-portable drilling and a large fleet of track drills, we can access and drill at virtually any location.

Clean Harbors Seismic Drilling services focus on safety, production and durability. 

Our drills are user-friendly and lightweight, and give operators the air and power they need to maximize production. Liquid-cooled motors with pro-heat heating systems allow us to drill quicker in temperatures as cold as -30C. And, to minimize downtime, every crew has spare equipment and a full-service mechanical support unit.

Heli-Portable Drilling
Equipped with drills and compressors, including spare drills, double-walled fuel tanks, base radios, repeaters, cellular and satellite phones, and support tools and parts.

Track/Buggy Drilling
Environmentally friendly land-based seismic drilling utilizes special drill-mounted track equipment that has low ground pressure, which is ideal for soft ground and muddy conditions, and does not disrupt duff (top six inches of ground).

Geotechnical/Geothermal Drilling
Specialized heli-portable, track, and truck-mounted geotechnical drills utilized in the pipeline, construction and environmental industry.

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Seismic Line Cutting

Seismic Line Cutting


Our LIS system, guided by GPS, is top-of-the-line technology that works under the canopy in any forest condition providing an environmentally friendly method to cut lines with minimum impact to the land.

Clean Harbors Seismic Line Cutting services rely on safety measures to ensure regulations are followed—while meeting your seismic project expectations.

Line cutting should be handled by professionals to avoid costly mistakes and/or negative impact on the environment. Clean Harbors is dedicated to adhering to environment stipulations to ensure your personnel are safe and we meet your project requirements. 

Clean Harbors Seismic Line Cutting services provide low impact seismic (LIS) line cutting to the oil and gas industry in preparation for laying cable or making trails for track drilling, particularly where access is needed into fully treed areas.

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Kodiak BAGTRACKER™ System

Kodiak BAGTRACKER™ System


With asset management as sophisticated as this, you don't have to worry about losing your equipment.

Clean Harbors Kodiak BAGTRACKER™ System uses technology to effectively track and control your equipment bags on a seismic project.

Clean Harbors Kodiak BAGTRACKER™ System is a real-time, command-and-control asset management tool. It enables geophysical line crews to systematically deploy equipment bags on a seismic program by helicopter and return later to retrieve the bags from their exact drop-off location.

Clean Harbors Kodiak BAGTRACKER™ System Features

  • Two-way radio telemetry sends and receives mission information, providing real-time management by the field coordinator.
  • Kodiak office software allows for easy coordination of missions, recording and tracking of deployed assets.
  • Helicopter integration allows for hands-off automatic operation for pilots.

Clean Harbors Kodiak BAGTRACKER™ System Benefits

  • Improves recording asset management by tracking all assets for effective recovery.
  • Increases helicopter efficiency by improving coordination of helicopter operations.
  • Increases safety because pilot can focus on operating the helicopter and hand-off the equipment management to a dedicated equipment coordinator on the ground.
  • Enables pilot to remain within a project’s permit constraints by successfully and consistently avoiding aircraft exclusion areas―whether they are environmental, permit or safety related.
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